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Christine -

I can't even begin to describe how wonderful last night was. I am not exaggerating when I say that that was the best night of my life so far. I had so, so, so much fun, and I know everyone else did too (especially my parents!) Everything was SO perfect. The decorations, the party favors, the green light... I'm so sad it's over. You did SUCH an amazing job. Everyone will be talking about our party for a long time.

Thank you so so so much again! You truly planned an unforgettable party.

Lizzy McGee

Christine, Lindsey and Chelsea,

I wanted to send y'all a quick email to thank you for all of your hard work and everything you did for us to make the weekend and especially the wedding so special!! Every single detail exceeded my expectations times a million and I couldn't be more thankful for the friendly Broadmoor staff! Gentry and I keep getting texts and emails that we had the best wedding ever and our friends are depressed it's over. Seriously, I can't thank y'all enough! I already miss planning and preparing with y'all! Hope you finally got some rest after the crazy weekend!

Amy Carrigan Robinson

Good Morning Mrs. Hoffer,

My name is Heather Burke and I just got married March 2nd and Natalie was my wedding consultant. I'm sure you get tons of emails, letters, etc about Natalie, but I just wanted to let you know what an amazing job she did and how much I enjoyed her both professionally and personally.

Natalie was so responsive, so patient and just so engaged in every aspect of our planning and I loved working with her. I wasn't always that particular about things so she gave wonderful suggestions and helped me pick something without pushing me. She was always very respectful of our budget, never making us feel bad about having to cut costs or watch what we spend. I truly feel so blessed that I contacted Belle of the Ball and met Natalie. Our day was better than I could have ever imaged because of her and I am so grateful to you and her.

Beyond all of that, she is such a great person who I have enjoyed getting to know and talking to on a regular basis. I am so sad the process is over because I won't be talking to her all the time, although, I still told her I am going to email her a lot. My family, my husband and everyone else just love her.

Thank you so much for your time. You have put together a world-class company with amazing people and I will do my best to refer clients going forward. I was referred by Ginny and Virginia Simmons (I work for Mr. Simmons).

Best of luck in the future and thank you again.

Heather Burke

Your company is one of a kind!
Johnny's 13th birthday party was over the TOP!
I'm proud to say that you're a friend, neighbor and my Party Planner.

My Best,
Johnny Carrabba

Well I think you pulled off the wedding of the 21st century at the Bayou Club. It really was spectacular and we have gotten tons of compliments on how the Bayou Club has never looked so beautiful. Please let all the vendors know how thankful we are for what they did. Tell Rob he went way over the top and it will be remembered as the new bar for the Bayou Club. Also let Derrick know what a great job he did. You’re the best !!

Blake Liedtke

Dear Christine,

You were the reason the party was such a smashing hit! Thank you for all your calm leadership, wise counsel, incredible resources and friendship. The whole process was a pleasure thanks to you.

Janet Hobby

Dear Christine,

I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for everything. The whole planning time was actually fun and smooth - even with my short visit to the hospital 4 weeks before the wedding.

The wedding was wonderful and you made it happen. You are so great at what you do and you are a kind, fun person to boot!

I'm so glad to know you!

Love, Ann Jonak

Dear Christine,

I cannot thank you enough for everything you did to help prepare for Blake's and my wedding. We are so grateful for all of your hard work and could not have done it without you.

It was so much fun working with you and I'm sad it has come to and end! I will definitely give you a call next time I come to Houston. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!


Dear Christine, Celina & Alyson,

I am sorry this is just now getting to you because I have been meaning to write it for forever. But, from the bottom of Adam and my hearts we want to thank you all for everything you did to make our wedding the most amazing and special night of our lives.

It truly was a dream come true for us down to even the smallest of details and non of it would have been possible without your professionalism and hard work. You really are fabulous at what you do and we were so blessed to have worked with the best wedding coordinators in Houston, not to mention the nicest and most down to earth as well.

I really enjoyed getting to know each of you and spend time with you. It never once seemed like we were meeting to discuss "business" and I really liked that a lot.

Thank you again for everything! Hope to see you soon.

Lauren Allen

Dear Christine,

I'm pretty sure my hair looked like this for the wedding!

It was another perfect wedding and once again I am indebted to you. Thank you for all of your hard work - you are wonderful!

Stay in trouch - I always have coffee!

Mother of the Bride

Dear Christine,

Thanks for all your help with Amy's wedding. We were so pleased with the wedding and it really helped to have you to consult with on all aspects of the wedding.

It always made Amy feel better to talk to you - especially about B-O-B! We certainly valued your input.

Thanks Again,
Gail Ramsell
Mother of the Bride


You made us look so good!

Thank you for being so much fun to work with AND doing SUCH a fabulous job! It was perfection!

With Love,

Margaret, Jenny and Jim Elkins